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[Doctor Who] Friends and Romans

Rating: G
Summary: Ian and Rory have a roman sword fight.
Notes: For clocketpatch

Ian hefted his sword and the Centurion's hit his with a clash. He was tiring, but he couldn't give in. Not until he didn't have the strength to fight.

But he had to stop when Barbara shouted. "This isn't a fight to the death," she said, "and you're bleeding."

He hadn't noticed, but now she'd pointed it out, the cut on his arm did hurt. Since the fight had well and truly been stopped, he sat down and allowed Barbara to tend to his wounds. He didn't know what she was using, but whatever she pressed to his arm stung and he winced.

"Don't be such a baby," she said.

"It hurts," he pointed out.

She rolled her eyes. "Men."

Her faith in his sex was misplaced because Rory shouted, "Call it a draw?"

Ian stood to shake his hand. "A draw," he agreed, which at least made Barbara smile.


Rory's sword was heavy as it lifted it for a blow, but the slave blocked it. He was tired, but he couldn't give in. He had to show Amy he didn't just look the part.

But he had to stop when Amy shouted, "Rory, that's enough. You'll kill yourself if you're not careful."

The sword fell through his fingers and dropped to the ground with a clang.

Amy dabbed at the wound on his arm with a hanky that had seen better days.

"You're just putting dirt in it."

She sighed and stopped. "Neither of you are going to win," she said. "If you stop now you can just say it was a draw."

He knew he'd never hear the end of it, so he shouted, "Call it a draw?"

Ian nodded and they shook hands. Rory was glad: there were far better things he could do in this outfit.

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